Below are the reasons why this is happening:

  • The trial for your website has expired/the site is not on an active trial – In order to get it back up and running, you will need to purchase the paid plan.
  • The code is not installed properly or the script is installed in the wrong area. To validate this, please go to your site and press F12. When you do this, a bar will pop up on the screen which will display your website’s code. After you see this, press Control + F, and a search bar will appear at the bottom. In this search field type “acsb” and if you see results from this – you should have installed everything correctly. If not, you may reach out to our support team to guide you on this.
  • Browser cached error – To address this, clear your browser’s cache. Navigate to your browser history and clear your cached images and files. This should resolve this issue.
  • Website cache error – Whenever you need to make an update on your site, clear the cache as well.
  • Script conflict – This could be happening due to a conflict between your website’s scripts and XCompliant ’s interface script. To validate if such is the case, go to your Chrome browser and press the F12 key, click on the ‘Console’ tab, and refresh the page. Please reach out to our support team and we will take care of this conflict for you.

If the suggested resolutions did not resolve the issue, please reach out to our support team and we would be more than happy to help you. 


Will clearing the cache resolves the issue?

I tried all the recommended solutions but it is still not showing up, what can I do?