XCompliant is an App that makes web accessibility possible for all businesses. We support your compliance with ADA and WCAG 2.1, s508, and other worldwide legislations. Having this running on your website can help shield your business from facing any unnecessary legal expenses by supporting your adherence to the regulations required by ADA and other governmental and regulatory bodies. This would enable your website to be accessible for people with disabilities ensuring that there can be perception, understanding, navigation, and interaction with the website.

This plugin would ensure that anyone would be able to access your website regardless of limits, making your content reachable and inclusive in every possible direction.

Inaccessible websites create barriers for all users, both with and without disabilities. By using our features, you can significantly enhance user experience, increase website visitors and make your website rank top on search engines.

XCompliant supersedes the tedious, long, manual, expensive, and time-consuming website accessibility process through AI and machine learning that analyzes your website and remediates accessibility violations in elements on your site. This includes ALT attribution creation for images, and form label creation, as well as fixing the menu, pop-ups, dropdowns, buttons, and more.



What is an accessible website?

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