Observing and following all accessibility laws and regulations that apply to your website manually could be time-consuming, tedious, and costly. It can be overwhelming to discern whether or not you are covering all of the laws governing web accessibility as well as each requirement and standard that were set. Being compliant is an extensive process ensuring that your website is up to date with strict compliance to ADA and WCAG 2.1, s508, ARIA labels, and other worldwide legislations. 

XCompliant will make things easy for you with the help of our AI Technology machine learning that analyzes your website and remediates as many accessibility violations as possible in elements on your site. 

The remediation process is done which supports your compliance with all international accessibility standards. Additionally, we have an ongoing maintenance feature that will ensure that your site is monitored every 24 hours to keep supporting your compliance at all times. You can be assured that those changes and updates made on your site are automatically remediated, you no longer need to manually do a test run to check for compliance because XCompliant does this for you.


How is the remediation done?

What does it take for XCompliant to support my compliance?