A screen reader is an assistive technology used by blind people to navigate the web. It is important that a website’s code properly reflects what is being viewed on the website. 

XCompliant utilizes AI to scan a website and comprehend all of the elements on a site. How the user is meant to understand its content, the way it is coded, and the purpose of every element. 

To ensure that the elements are optimized in the most comprehensible and efficient way, the ARIA attributes are added for context and behavior-related adjustments.  ALT attribution creation for images, form label creation, as well as fixing menus, pop-ups, dropdowns, buttons, and more is added automatically to images using robust image recognition technology to add elaborate and accurate descriptions to all images. Moreover, Screen reader text is automatically added to help the screen reader describe certain actions and areas based on the context of the site. 


How is it possible for visually impaired users to navigate the web through assistive technology?

How can blind people understand the content of a website through XCompliant?